More info to come! Check back for more details.

1. Festival Style Seating. Bring your own chairs. We will provide chairs in the VIP section only, however, we still encourage you to bring your own for comfort.

2. NO COOLERS OR OUTSIDE FOOD/DRINK ALLOWED. You will be asked to return them to your vehicle or throw away at the entrance. There will be food, beer, and beverages for sale. No wine or liquor sales on-site.

3. VIP Tickets do not include a Meet and Greet.

4. No dogs or pets permitted, only seeing eye dogs allowed.

5. There is Handicap parking available, however, please note that the concert is taking place in a large, grassy field.

6. Each person MUST HAVE A TICKET to enter. You can purchase in person at the locations noted on the TICKETS page, or at the gate if any are available. Everyone in VIP MUST HAVE A PURCHASED TICKET. Please note there will be alcohol for sale on the premises.

7. Umbrellas are NOT permitted as this will block the view of others behind you. Please note that there is limited shade.

8. You are NOT permitted to leave the concert venue area and return. Once you enter the venue area, you are not permitted to enter a second time. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.